Cloud PBX Pricing


Seamless Performance Meets Exceptional Value

Discover how our next-gen Cloud PBX simplifies your communications.

Virtual Receptionist

No matter what size your business is, our Virtual Receptionist conveys professionalism and accessibility to your customers. Our experienced Virtual Receptionist answers all of your calls and transfers each one to the right person or department every time. As your company grows, you can easily add more employees and departments to your phone list.

Call Recording

With our call recording feature, you can record conversations and store them in the cloud, then access them anytime from wherever you are. Call recording can be used to check call center agents, ensure you meet compliance regulations, help train customer service employees, or reduce your company’s liability.

Audio Conference Calls

You can’t always be in the same room with your employees and vendors. And traveling for a meeting can be costly and inefficient. That’s why Siptivate audio conference calls are the perfect solution. You can easily join a conference call from wherever you are — in your office or from your smartphone on the go — and keep your productivity up.

Traditional & Online Fax

Instead of wasting time at a fax machine, Siptivate lets you send and receive faxes via email. You simply write a regular email, attach the document you want to fax to the email, and hit send. Our Cloud PBX converts the document into a faxable format. The same goes for incoming faxes. Our Cloud PBX decodes fax messages and converts them to digital data, then sends them right into your email inbox.

Toll Free Numbers

The toll-free numbers we can give your business offer numerous benefits: they’re easy to remember, they lend credibility to your business, they offer you mobility, and they make it easy for your customers to contact you — which boosts customer satisfaction.

Steady Collaboration

We’re all about making sure you and your employees can connect anytime, anywhere, from any device. That’s why we offer Unified Communications — so you can seamlessly make or receive voice calls, send emails or instant messages, conduct video conferences, and more from wherever your business or life takes you.

Mobile Apps

We offer cutting-edge, time-saving mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that make all the features from your desk phone available to you — so you can run your business from anywhere in the world.


With our softphone feature, you can easily make and receive phone or video calls over the Internet through your computer and enjoy the same features and rates, no matter where you go.