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Juniper Mist IoT Assurance
Security Director
Advanced Threat Protection
Juniper Session Smart Router
Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance
Juniper Mist Wired Assurance
Juniper Mist WAN Assurance
Marvis VNA
Premium Analytics
User Engagement
Asset Visibility
vMX Virtual Router

EX Series:
EX2300 Ethernet Switches:

EX2300-24T Ethernet Switch
EX2300-24T-DC Ethernet Switch
EX2300-24T-VC Ethernet Switch
EX2300-24P Ethernet Switch
EX2300-24P-VC Ethernet Switch
EX2300-48T Ethernet Switch
EX2300-48T-VC Ethernet Switch
EX2300-48P Ethernet Switch
EX2300-48P-VC Ethernet Switch
Compact EX2300-C-12T Ethernet Switch
Compact EX2300-C-12T-VC Ethernet Switch
Compact EX2300-C-12P Ethernet Switch
Compact EX2300-C-12P-VC Ethernet Switch
EX2300M-48P Multigigabit Access Switch

EX3400 Ethernet Switches:

EX3400-24T Ethernet Switch
EX3400-24T-DC Ethernet Switch
EX3400-24P Ethernet Switch
EX3400-48T Ethernet Switch
EX3400-48T-AFI Ethernet Switch
EX3400-48P Ethernet Switch

EX4300 1GbE Ethernet Switches:

EX4300-24T Ethernet Switch
EX4300-24P Ethernet Switch
EX4300-48T Ethernet Switch
EX4300-48P Ethernet Switch
EX4300-48T-AFI Ethernet Switch
EX4300-48T-DC Ethernet Switch
EX4300-48T-DC-AFI Ethernet Switch
EX4300-48MP Ethernet Multigigabit Switch
EX4300-32F Ethernet Switch
EX4300-32F-DC Ethernet Switch

EX4400 Ethernet Switches:

EX4400-24T Ethernet Switch
EX4400-24P Ethernet Switch
EX4400-48T Ethernet Switch
EX4400-48P Ethernet Switch
EX4400-48F Ethernet Switch
EX4400-24MP Ethernet Multigigabit Switch
EX4400-48MP Ethernet Multigigabit Switch

EX4100 Ethernet Switches:

EX4100 Ethernet Switch

EX4600 Ethernet Switches:

EX4600 Ethernet Switch

EX4650 Ethernet Switches:

EX4650 Ethernet Switch

EX9200 Ethernet Switches:

EX9204 Ethernet Switch
EX9208 Ethernet Switch
EX9214 Ethernet Switch

QFX Series:
QFX5100 Ethernet Switches:

QFX5100-96S Ethernet Switch

QFX5110 Ethernet Switches:

QFX5110-32Q Ethernet Switch
QFX5110-48S Ethernet Switch

QFX5120 Ethernet Switches:

QFX5120-32C Ethernet Switch
QFX5120-48T Ethernet Switch
QFX5120-48Y Ethernet Switch
QFX5120-48YM Ethernet Switch

QFX5130 Ethernet Switches:

QFX5130-32CD Ethernet Switch

QFX5200 Data Center Switches:

QFX5200-32C Data Center Switch

QFX5210 Data Center Switches:

QFX5210-64C Data Center Switch

QFX5220 Data Center Switches:

QFX5220-32CD Data Center Switch
QFX5220-128C Data Center Switch

QFX5700 Switch Ethernet

QFX5700 Network Switch

QFX10000 Modular Ethernet Switches:

QFX10002-36Q Fixed Ethernet Switch
QFX10002-72Q Fixed Ethernet Switch
QFX10008 Chassis Switch
QFX10016 Chassis Switch
QFX10000-36Q Line Card
QFX10000-30C Line Card
QFX10000-60S-6Q Line Card

MX Series:

MX104 Universal Routing Platform
MX150 Universal Routing Platform
MX204 Universal Routing Platform
MX240 Universal Routing Platform
MX480 Universal Routing Platform
MX960 Universal Routing Platform
MX2008 Universal Routing Platform
MX2010 Universal Routing Platform
MX2020 Universal Routing Platform
MX10003 Universal Routing Platform
MX10008 Universal Routing Platform
MX10016 Universal Routing Platform
vMX Virtual Router

PTX Series:

PTX1000 Packet Transport Routers
PTX5000 Packet Transport Routers
PTX10001-36MR Packet Transport Routers
PTX10001 Packet Transport Routers
PTX10002 Packet Transport Routers
PTX10003 Packet Transport Routers
PTX10004 Compact Core Routers
PTX10008 Compact Core Routers
PTX10016 Compact Core Routers

ACX Series:

ACX500 Universal Access Router
ACX710 Universal Access Router
ACX1000 Universal Access Router
ACX1100 Universal Access Router
ACX2100 Universal Access Router
ACX2200 Universal Access Router
ACX4000 Universal Access Router
ACX5048 Universal Access Router
ACX5096 Universal Access Router
ACX5448 Universal Access Router
ACX7100-32C Universal Access Router
ACX7100-48L Universal Access Router

CTP Series:

CTP151 Circuit to Packet Platform
CTP2008 Circuit to Packet Platform
CTP2024 Circuit to Packet Platform
CTP2056 Circuit to Packet Platform

Juniper Session Smart Router

SSR120 Session Smart Router
SSR130 Session Smart Router

SRX Series

SRX300 Services Gateway
SRX320 Services Gateway
SRX320-POE Services Gateway
SRX340 Services Gateway
SRX345 Services Gateway
SRX380 Services Gateway
SRX550 Services Gateway
SRX1500 Services Gateway
SRX4100 Services Gateway
SRX4200 Services Gateway
SRX4600 Services Gateway
SRX5600 Services Gateway
SRX5800 Services Gateway
vSRX Virtual Firewall

Advanced Threat Prevention Series

JATP400 Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance
JATP700 Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance

Wireless Access Points:
AP Series

AP12 Access Point
AP32 Access Point
AP33 Access Point
AP34 Access Point
AP41 Access Point
AP43 Access Point
AP45 Access Point
AP61 Access Point
AP63 Access Point
BT11 Access Point

BT Series

BT11 Access Point

Network Automation

Juniper Apstra
Automated Data Center Deployment Service
Automated Data Center Migration Service

Other Products
SDN and Orchestration:

Contrail Networking
Contrail Cloud Platform
Contrail Security
Contrail Service Orchestration

Junos Space Managment Applications

Network Director
Security Director
Virtual Director
Cross Provisioning Platform
Service Insight
Service Now

Junos Space SDK

Junos Space SDK

NFX Series

NFX150 Network Services Platform
NFX250 Network Services Platform

Northstar Series

NorthStar Controller

JA Series

JA2500 Platform

Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics Engine

Security Director
Juniper Services:
Juniper Care:

Juniper Care Core
Juniper Care Core Plus
Juniper Care Next-Day- HOT!
Juniper Care Next-Day Onsite
Juniper Care Same-Day
Juniper Care Same-Day Onsite
Juniper Care Software Advantage

Juniper Resources:

Pulse Secure Transition
Juniper Networks End of Life Products
Leasing Purchase Options
Juniper Consulting Services
Technical Training Courses

Third Party Solutions:

ENET Components
Clone Systems Managed Network Security

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Legacy Products:
EX Series:

EX2300M-24P Multigigabit Access Switch
EX3300-24T Ethernet Switch
EX3300-24T-DC Ethernet Switch
EX3300-24P Ethernet Switch
EX3300-48T Ethernet Switch
EX3300-48T-BF Ethernet Switch
EX3300-48P Ethernet Switch
EX4200-24T Ethernet Switch
EX4200-24T-DC Ethernet Switch
EX4200-24P Ethernet Switch
EX4200-24F Ethernet Switch
EX4200-24F-DC Ethernet Switch
EX4200-48T Ethernet Switch
EX4200-48T-DC Ethernet Switch
EX4200-48P Ethernet Switch
EX6210 Ethernet Switch

EX4550 Ethernet Switches:

EX4550-32F Ethernet Switch
EX4550-32T Ethernet Switch

EX9250 Ethernet Switches:

EX9251 Ethernet Switch
EX9253 Ethernet Switch

EX Switch Accessories:

EX Redundant Power System (RPS)

QFX Series

QFX5100-24Q-AA Ethernet Switch
QFX5100-24Q Ethernet Switch
QFX5100-48T Ethernet Switch
QFX5100-48S Ethernet SwitchW

MX Series

MX5 Universal Routing Platform
MX10 Universal Routing Platform
MX40 Universal Routing Platform
MX80 Universal Routing Platform
MX304 Universal Routing Platform
MX10004 Universal Routing Platform

PTX Series

PTX3000 Packet Transport Routers

ACX Series

ACX500-O Outdoor Universal Access Router
ACX500-O-PoE Outdoor Universal Access Router
ACX6160 Universal Metro Router
ACX6360 Universal Metro Router

BTI800 Series

BTI805 Ethernet Access Device
BTI821 Ethernet Access Device
BTI822 Ethernet Access Device

BTI7000 Series

BTI7020 Optical Transport Platform
BTI7060 Optical Transport Platform
BTI7200 Optical Transport Platform

BTI7800 Series

BTI7801 Optical Transport Platform
BTI7802 Optical Transport Platform
BTI7814 Optical Transport Platform

SSG Series:

SSG140 Appliance - Secure Services Gateway
SSG320M Appliance - Secure Services Gateway
SSG350M Appliance - Secure Services Gateway
SSG520M Appliance - Secure Services Gateway
SSG550M Appliance - Secure Services Gateway

CTP Series

CTP150 Circuit to Packet Platform

SRX Series:

SRX5400 Services Gateway
cSRX Container Firewall